Vagina Soup & Formal Fuckers


She lays down, she gets up, she gets around and when she can’t dance no more she gets into the kitchen, heating up the situation.

The kitchen is a key place in her actual artistic research and this is why she shares her Vagina Soup everywhere she goes.

She takes care of using only fuckable vegetables and tomato juice. No recipe is needed, love and presence is all it takes. Love, meditation and hard work.

Sharing Fucking Soups and Fuck-up Cakes is part of the whole art experience, as we know now that we become what we eat.

And art has to be nutritious

The opening will last 24 hours. The artist will stir the soup all around the clock, if she isn’t of course too tired to do it. Then, properbly someone else will do it.

She will hoast and perform the show and she will be gentle with gentle visitors. The others, whomever they might be will not be allowed in and if they’re already in, they will be showed the door. When the artist needs a sleep, she will do this when everybody is gone and out of the art space and if visitors come along in the middle of the night she will feel free to open the door and let them in. If she feels like it.

Else they can squeeze their noose onto the windows and do the cold turkey.

by Christina Jonsson 2. June 2017, for the 24hrs Project at TART gallery, Zurich.




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