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Holder of an BA  (2004 fine arts, Accademy of Ravenna, It) and a MA (fine arts, -specialisation Art in Public Spheres 2012 ECAV, CH ) I work within painting, performance, sculpture, language and the curatorial.

Co-founder of the  art space  Saint-Valentin in Lausanne in 2011 in collaboration with Davide d’Ambrosio, I have been co-directing and curating the exhibition space and project since.

Teaching visual art, drawing and painting at Ecole d’art Têtard (Lausanne, CH) since end of my residency within the school (2004-2006), I have been participating in the creation of  several art and educational projects related to the school.

The creation of the swiss mountain artist recidency CultureHôtel (Leysin/CH) is a project initiated in 2008. The artist residencies have been pursued in summer 2016 by artists Anne-Laure Fauchette and Luke Burton.

Exhibited artist projects, works, shows and publications, selection :

“Agenzia Cubista” (Galeria Sumithra,Ravenne, It, 2004) // “The Ranch (Lausanne 2006)” // “No Milky Aesthetics” (L’Annexe de ViceVersa, 2010) // “And Why should I?” (Book, Editions Ripopee, 2012) // “Cake for Lovers, Cake All Over” (Saint-Valentin, Lausanne CH) // “Doublemindedness”, (Honda Power Shop, Sierre / ECAV 2011) // “Bijou, Le Rêve” (Bis, La Ferme Asile, CH 2011) // “Panorama” (USEGO, ECAV 2012) // “Reflex” (Master thesis, ECAV 2012) // “Economy of The Self” (Master thesis show, USEGO, ECAV, 2012 ) // “Helike, Evita & Vega” (Beyond the Timberlane, Belalp, CH 2012 ) “Ground Zero” (Urgent Paradise 2012 ) // “My Bush is Your Bush” (C4Projects, CPH, DK 2012)  // “Helike, Evita & Vega” (part two) (Château Gevaux, Neuchatel, CH 2013) // “Total Doublemindedness” (Cinema Oblo, Lausanne 2013) // “Obstacle” (Show Showed Shown, Manior de Martigny, CH 2014)