Holder of an BA  (2004 fine arts, Accademy of Ravenna, It) and a MA (fine arts, -specialisation Art in Public Spheres 2012 ECAV, CH ) I work with painting, performance, sculpture, language and the curatorial.

Co-founder of art space Saint-Valentin in Lausanne in 2011 in collaboration with Davide d’Ambrosio, I am co-directing and curating the exhibition space and project since.

Teaching visual art, drawing and painting at Ecole d’art Têtard (Lausanne, CH) since end of my art residency within the school (2004-2006), I have been participating in the creation of  several art and educational projects related to the school.

The creation of the swiss mountain artist recidency CultureHôtel (Leysin/CH) is a ongoing architectural project initiated in 2008. The artist residencies have been iniziated in summer 2016 by artist Anne-Laure Fauchette as well as by artist Luke Burton.


Exhibited artist projects, works, shows and publications, selection :

“Agenzia Cubista” (Galeria Sumithra, Ravenne, It, 2004) // “The Ranch” Les Alliees (Lausanne 2006) // “No Milky Aesthetics” (L’Annexe de ViceVersa, 2010) // “And Why should I?” (Book, Editions Ripopee, 2012) // “Cake for Lovers, Cake All Over” (Saint-Valentin, Lausanne CH) // “Doublemindedness”, (Honda Power Shop, Sierre / ECAV 2011) // “Bijou, Le Rêve” (“Bis”, La Ferme Asile, CH 2011) // “Panorama” (USEGO, ECAV 2012) // “Reflex” (Master thesis, ECAV 2012) // “Economy of The Self” (Master thesis show, USEGO, ECAV, 2012 ) // “Helike, Evita & Vega” (Beyond the Timberlane, Belalp, CH 2012 )// «Act» Performance Festival, halles USEGO, Sierre, CH 2012 // “Ground Zero” («New Paradise » at Urgent Paradise, 2012 ) // “My Bush is Your Bush” (C4Projects, CPH, 2012)  // “Helike, Evita & Vega” (part two) (Château Guevaux, Neuchatel, CH 2013) // “Total Doublemindedness” (Cinema Oblo, Lausanne 2013) // “Piss Off” («Les Cabines» Nyon Plage, CH 2014) //  “Obstacle” (Show Showed Shown, Manior de Martigny, CH 2014) // “Christina, Christian & Christ”  («Swissbrittish» sur invitation de Philoméne Hoël, Balfron Tower, Londres,  2014) // “Art is alive”, «L’Anniversaire de l’Art», Gallerie C , Neuchâtel, 2015 // “Fuck-Up Cake” Local-Int, Bienne, CH 2015 // «Agitation de la prostate féminine» Espace dʼArts Saint-Valentin, CH 2015 // “Fuck-Up Cake”, Performance Night, Quartier Genenral, Chaux de Fonds, 2015 // “Fuck-Up Kage”, Sydhavn Stations Udstillinssted, CPH, 2015 // “Vagina Soup”, («L’Anniversaire de l’Art»), Gallerie C , Neuchâtel, 2016  // “Intime-Extime”, Curration au GPS space, Manoir de Martigny, 2016 // “Oh, Fuck-Up Table & Fuck-Up Fountain”, pour Denis Roueche & Prune Carmen Diaz, Les Brennets CH, 2016 // “Christina, Christian & Christ”, Topic espace d’art au Picto, Geneve 2016 // “Fuck-Up Table, Soup & Fresco”, (“L’Amour en Suspension”), Espace d’Art Saint-Valentin, 2017 // “And Now, (thanks to you), our Preliminary Problems are solved …” Milkshake Agency, Geneve, 2017 // “Hyperlovetable” avec Fillipo Filliger & Fanny Balmer, Milkshake Agency 2017 // We need More fuckable Vegetables, 48h performance, 4th Udstillingssted, CPH 2017 // “Vagina Soup & Formal Fuckers”, 24h performance, TART gallery, Zurich 2017 // “Expand your orgasmic concept”, Dreier Frenzel Architecture + Communication, Lausanne 2017 // “Que y a-t-il de mal ?” Exposition de Naja Maria Lundstrom, Saint-Valentin au BIG, 2017 //”Vertical Vagina”, (“Stand”) l’espace Pazioli à Bellevaux, Lausanne, 2017 // “Bras de Fers & Hugs”, avec Fanny Balmer, CultureHôtel, Leysin CH, 2017 //

Sydhavn Station, CPH


Expand your orgasmic concept


Tart art Zurich, 24h project

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